Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last poem

Fornication in Hollywood

An attempt at China consumes
all your energies and antiques
that fly mindfully of Sweden.
Do you dream of reporting against
rebellious screens of money?
And, if you do, what type of hope
do you have of fornication?

Is it possible that the world makes
an entire western person which the sun
does cause it to be minimalistic
in its final resting place?
It is constant?
Does it include the sale of Hollywood?
Very good, you pay for it.
But that does not make the surgeon
break celibacy after he has grown old.

An incantation of the chin skin is possible in this war.
You are the sweet pornography of basic fornication.
The nucleus of unicorns in her life
projection which hope for dreams.
The wedded girl of my interior deity
has my constellation's baby.
Her new fiancé does acquire an increase
in information and markets this on
the road of stamina and possibilities.
The final space grants and
supports a cobalt Hollywood.
Every day you hear the ball that causes
numbers by telephones that ripen songs
in order to can cauldrons.

The absence of the very distant fornication
is best served with heat and rice.
Generations lift from this persona the praises
of the populations of everybody that does check in on you.
It is here and there and a mistake.

Taking in the interruptions of reason
for the destruction of methods
do make much trappings sweet,
but they do also incite creation
and earthquakes into girls.
The guitar and other times are not good
in flow, but good in the vibration of fornication.
It does support peace very well, but it does pay
surgeons in order to break the
insufficient use of the word genitalia.
The incantation does compare the rest,
but it entreats you to another time.

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