Thursday, April 30, 2009

another new one

here is another new poem, see if you can guess the song!

Hey You

Hey you, do you want Turkey?
It makes villains assume your reasons are sad.
Turkey Turkey in order TO BE the best.
Will you recall that this is what you left in order to include its heart,
in order to follow it the best you could.
It begins with his reason, oh Turkey Turkey, in order TO BE better.

Hey you, do you distrust the cause
And Calculate every moment
Until you can get under its skin, in order to follow it?
Or do you make do with the fact that it improved the East?

And, you feel the pain, the aspect of the solution,
Even when it does not supply its peace.
Relative to shifting, it plays out completely in its cause,
that point of cold imbecility.

Hey you, do you not make up with the fact that I charge for
What you have acquired now?
Will I recall this that you do love in order to include its heart,
in order to begin improving the facts of the west?

Withdraw it consequently, and between the two of us,
we can make a beginning.
I’ll expect somebody to fulfill
Since you’re the all knowing one.
You only you, precise in the kinetics of the shoulder.

Hey you, do not become the villain.
It does sadly assume that you will make
The best of the east.
It recalls management under its skin,
For those followers of yours will begin to be
better, better
in this inside out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

some poems

OK, so I tried to post these last time and word was having issues, so here are three of my poems:

I Bleed

Free quite of methods in the skin
of mine to dish on you.
For the sweets of sentencing, you turn another time.
And see? They view that as you.
Please the moment and the side of me regarding spitting downward,
It does look in proportion to the moment at hand, but does it does sketch also?
Proxy mass suicide, you affirm
-No, you sew because ropes are never totally there.
Neither is your last life-line.
Over passion now you cake in provisions a veil. Ha!
A pair of rats are more precise than liquor.
Them onlookers charge more said my dad and your aunt.
Oh I behave,
I believe.
Now, when you do die, your eye does continue,
If not why?
It did conclude here, when the after taste of animal fat never found a time to flee its bedroom
If it is correct.
Our case extends potentially through the eternal attainabilities in this sex shop.
Why? Did it examine you? Oh? I examined you.
I’m always inside you with partiality,
‘for I’m always inside of the spleen.
If I can, I assume the very dignity of population.
It does not have aspect in the majority, but to me it seems that I examined a ghost.
If cellulite is present I, then cause mental derangement in the afterlife.
I did consider my cousins. oh that?
I did contrive that onlooking dance off.
The angel they mined is extracting poo in the corner.
And I did revive the methods by the sweet of frequency in the mind of the antelope.
An apology to the toilet is welcome at any time.
It felt that you turned it on, on purpose.

Lady Luck

When will it become only, l you, and nobody?
From coke and tea you are in activities excessive from many years of hiding.
Know it’s myself of old idiotic ogres.

Lady luck, you acquired my elbow.
Lady luck does it entreat you to love my doggy?
La la, chère of wontons.

You decrease the brains which I have scythed.
Do you raise trite motors in comfort?
When it’s an old person, do I have to eat? Do you allow me to do it?
Razor caravans regard imbeciles that fall off into love.
You will fall in love inside reverse rotations by the entire world.

Lady luck, you acquired my elbow.
Lady luck does it entreat you to love my doggy?
La la, chère of wontons.

It does make the best situation before you will be finally mentally deranged.
Do you invite and say l never open that way.
I speak and you don’t confiscate useless love.

This Type of California

In the dark street of abandon must my hair smell?
Heating it freshly karaoke style lifts it thoroughly.
You will air in front of the distance that those heads do increase the heavy illumination of enlargement- The aspect ratio increased my sky as well.
You will stop there in the night position,
finding it had turned off the entrance.
It did hear the responsibility of things,
and I do think for one second this season is potential sky
or likely hell.
After this to turn in the candle, I did present my way.
It was found under the sulky sound that many toes had heard him speak…

Good flames into the eyes of California.
This place is this type of bulky confrontational room
That you could never find
Year after year.

Their tiffany inversions of the brain did acquire considerably calm silk.
The most beautiful boy, in proportion, does speak to them in a friendly dance
in the garden that bends to which some sweat.
Someone needs the dance to recall,
But forgot himself partially in it.

Consequently, you are the cause of borrowed love that might make liqueur
which does speak of this haven.
Having this religious song here from their sounds is still a very distant bell
The noise in midnight which aches you , you hear that he speaks…

This type of California, the place of anxieties.
This axiom of living in and of it imports good excuses.

Into the champagne ceiling it raised its ice,
and in the aforesaid, it is given to us to completely concluded the prison here.
Our equipment and the mastery of it, is the having of the dinner feast that did assemble
piece from piecing by knife machines.
But can't it?
Does kill the wild animal?

I did resemble the previous matter, that door of function I do open.
The division by color I do decrease, one nock of persona he did speak
that we did become an acceptable form from the author of program.
The established clients can give you the permission you love, but you cannot ever arrive outside!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some of the many many poets...

Ok, so for this week we had to read A TON of poets. I skimmed all of them, but here are a few that I actually have something to say about:

Jack Kerouac
I like the feeling and the "flow" of his work. The poem Mexico City Blues was one of my favorites mainly because it was funny and I could feel the rhythm of the piece itself. The words themselves seem to have a beat. "Got up and dressed up/ and went out & got laid/ Then died and got buried/ in a coffin and int he grave..." It has a jazzy movement to it that caught my attention and made me want to read more.

John Ashbery
His poem Paradoxes and Oxymorons caught my attention last term and I still like it this term. It is just so sarcastic. It is making fun of the type of poetry that is flowery and showy and says "the poem is you". Yet, his other poem The Other Tradition is flowery. This contradiction interests me.

Robert Creeley
The last line of the poem The Window is just a breathtaking image. "I can/ feel my eye breaking." It is a powerful image that makes the poem for me. I think the poem would be lackluster if not for that line.

Allen Ginsberg
His poem A Supermarket in California sounds like a Walt Whitman inspired drug trip. I love the lines " Wives in the avocados, babies in the tomatoes!" and "Who killed the pork chops? What/ price bananas? Are you me Angel?" I guess I can relate to having random thoughts at the supermarket late at night.

Ok, that's all the poets for now. Here are two of the poems I've been working on:

Monday, April 13, 2009

Pound, Stevens, Williams, Moore, H.D.

I can see why people like and revere Pound, but to me most of his poetry seems some what removed. It has style and allusions, etc, but most of his poems are just so over the top. Don't get me wrong, I do like a few of his poems. One of the poems that I do like is A Pact. I think that it is interesting the Pound detested Whitman for so long because he reminds me of Whitman alot of the time. The other poem that caught my eye was The Temperaments. "Nine adulteries, 12 liaisons. 64 fornication and something approaching a rape." I don't know why, but it made me laugh.

I have always been a big fan of Stevens. My favorite of his (not included in our anthology) is the poem about the little cat feet. My other favorite is The Emperor of Ice-Cream just because it makes no sense.

Williams is a very interesting poet to me. Much of the time it seems like he has spaces in between his phrases or words just for the hell of it. I guess that put large gaps in between words wasn't done a whole lot in his time and he was a pioneer, but in the poem Tract for instance: I tried to figure out why the spaces are there but I have no idea. I like the poem This Is Just to Say because it is quirky and interesting, but I can't stand The Red Wheelbarrow. I've never gotten why it is so significant and important. Lat term, Prof. Mohammad explained that it was a part of a larger piece and that made way more sense.

I wasn't sure how to feel about Moore's poetry. In her poem The Fish the visual aspect of the poem impressed me more than the poem itself. Each stanza looks like the end of a boat. It made me feel clever for getting it and I assume that's what she was going for.

And last but not least, H.D. It seems to me that she liked flowers alot. Most of her poems (or the one's the editors included) are flower-themed. Now usually I don't like flower-poetry, so I was skepitcal, but her little verses seem Dickinson like. Her poem Epitaph is very quirky and about death.
Hey sorry I haven't written in awhile...I really like Stein because of her word repetitions. Although, I do see the point that her poems don't seem to "go" anywhere, I think that her use of repetition creates a rhythm and a music that is unique. There aren't alot of poets during her time that did that. At least, not that I know of. Take, for instance, Susie Asado. The poem itself is like a toung twister in some parts, but if you read the first few lines outloud "Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea./Suesie Asado./Sweet sweet sweet sweet sweet tea./Suesie Asado./ Susie Asado which is a told tray sure." there is definatly music.

I liked some of Mina Loy poems. In the poem Brancusi's Golden Bird" lines 21-24 are "this breast of revelation/ an incandenscent curve/ licked by chromatic flames/ in labyrinths or relflections" just stuck out to me. Her word choice is very presise and she evokes powerful imagry in her poems.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi, I'm Alysia. I am a creative writing major and am taking this class to further my study in poetry. While I understand the importance of Walt Whitman, I am not particularly fond of most of his work. I find much of what he does to be egotistical. On the other hand, I find his use of words and word combinations fascinating. Something about the way he phrases and combines words excites my ears. (that's original lol) Whitman is obviously a talented poet, if he could just get over his ego!

Emily Dickinson, however, is one of my favorite poets of all time. She is what turned me on to poetry in the first place. I love how obscure her poetry is and how morbidly funny she can be. She just is one of those poets that I don't think I can ever get sick of!