Thursday, April 30, 2009

another new one

here is another new poem, see if you can guess the song!

Hey You

Hey you, do you want Turkey?
It makes villains assume your reasons are sad.
Turkey Turkey in order TO BE the best.
Will you recall that this is what you left in order to include its heart,
in order to follow it the best you could.
It begins with his reason, oh Turkey Turkey, in order TO BE better.

Hey you, do you distrust the cause
And Calculate every moment
Until you can get under its skin, in order to follow it?
Or do you make do with the fact that it improved the East?

And, you feel the pain, the aspect of the solution,
Even when it does not supply its peace.
Relative to shifting, it plays out completely in its cause,
that point of cold imbecility.

Hey you, do you not make up with the fact that I charge for
What you have acquired now?
Will I recall this that you do love in order to include its heart,
in order to begin improving the facts of the west?

Withdraw it consequently, and between the two of us,
we can make a beginning.
I’ll expect somebody to fulfill
Since you’re the all knowing one.
You only you, precise in the kinetics of the shoulder.

Hey you, do not become the villain.
It does sadly assume that you will make
The best of the east.
It recalls management under its skin,
For those followers of yours will begin to be
better, better
in this inside out.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful! Did you insert "Turkey" yourself, or did that show up in the translation process somehow?